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CartoPac Professional Services- Dedicated to Your Success

One of the most compelling advantages that CartoPac delivers, other than the most complete set of software features and functionality, is our team of experienced GIS and software professionals dedicated to supporting and extending the value of our software and configured solutions.



MobileSolution Configuration

By using the CartoPac software applications and other industry standard products, we can configure custom mobile solutions with an emphasis on maximizing results and minimizing time and expense.  We can also modify existing solution templates for high priority assets within the utility, energy and municipal markets. CartoPac Pro Services delivers optimized workflows based on industry best practices and provides a configuration framework that is easily modified for your specific needs. We also provide advanced solution support where our team becomes an extension of your team – leveraging our skills and expertise to configure highest value solutions possible.

Solution Configuration
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We provide various training options to enable users to configure and deploy custom mobile solutions optimized for a company’s environment, workflow and other systems.  Unlike other technologies that tie a company to a vendor for changes and modifications, we can enable you to have full control over your mobile solutions.

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Our professional services team are experts at deploying CartoPac for both on premise and hosted environments. For on premise deployments, we are experienced in database and IT integration including Windows Server, MSSQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Azure cloud and the full Esri stack.  We also can develop custom reports or work with your team to create reports using common database reporting applications including Crystal Reports and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

We have partnerships with the leading mobile hardware providers including Dell and Trimble.  We have assisted in deploying a broad range of mobile hardware, including external sensors such as laser range finders, bar code scanners, line locators and high accuracy GPS receivers.  We can make recommendations and can provide a total mobile platform across a range of mobile devices based on your requirements. Please see our list of supported mobile devices and sensors for more information.

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StudioCustom Development

Our team is available to extend the technology to meet specific requirements needed for a certain asset type or industry.  Because of the maturity of the technology, this often can be done within our configuration tools and with no development required.  In the case of development being needed to meet a specific requirement, our modular architecture, experienced staff and robust mobile platform enables us to meet those requirements quickly and efficiently.

Custom Development