How flexible is CartoPac?

Our completely configurable solution combined with our flexible, device agnostic platform provides unparalleled flexibility to design a solution that works for any specific need. Flexible deployment options, seamless integration with existing systems, support for a wide range of GPS accuracies are just a few features of the CartoPac Platform that set us apart from any data collection solution available.

Highly configurable

Easily customized and modified to meet customer needs

CartoPac Studio, the most powerful mobile solution authoring tool available, allows for easy configuration, authoring of complete solutions for all mobile platforms and integration with both spatial and non-spatial databases.

Intelligent workflow

Extensive library of proven workflows

CartoPac Workflow Manager has configured solutions to assist companies with implementing proven workflows supporting best practices. These existing workflows can be configured to meet the needs of your business and allows for standardization in the QA/QC Process.

System integration

Integration with GIS, work order management and other enterprise systems

CartoPac Server allows integration with any existing system, including ArcGIS, PODS or even custom databases.

Flexible deployment

On-Site, cloud based or a hybrid of both

Our flexible deployment options allow the CartoPac Solution to work for any company, from small businesses to large corporations and everything in between.

Reporting and Analytics

Automate your reporting and access advanced performance metrics

Save time and increase efficiency with automated reporting and make better business decisions with analytics.

GPS Accuracies

Full range of GPS accuracies

As an authorized reseller of Trimble and Eos, CartoPac can meet any accuracy need: 2-5 meter, sub-meter, sub-foot and even centimeter.

True cross platform support

Compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows 7 and 10 and iOS 10.1+

CartoPac Mobile provides true compatibility with a wide range of platforms, giving you flexibility in your hardware investment.

Support for external sensors

Bar code scanners, laser range finders and line locators

As an exclusive reseller for Code and an authorized reseller for LTI, we built the CartoPac platform with the flexibility to integrate laser range finders, bar code scanners and line locators.