New Federal Tracking and Traceability Regulations require utilities to GPS map and collect barcodes for all installed Gas Pipe and Fittings. CartoPac provides gas utility companies with a complete, proven platform that not only meets all of the tracking and traceability regulations but drastically improves operational efficiencies as it relates to gas distribution asset data collection. From simple data collection to a complex leak detection workflow, our solution is being utilized at some of the largest gas distribution utilities in the country. Some of the most complex workflows come from gas distribution utilities and CartoPac has never met a workflow that it couldn’t conquer.

Our device agnostic platform promotes the flexibility to choose your own mobile device, GPS unit, external sensors and more. You won’t find a more complete, robust and flexible solution anywhere else.

Did you know that CartoPac provides solutions for electric utilities too, making it the ideal solution for dual-utilities?


  • Leak survey
  • Material tracking and traceability
  • Pressure test
  • As-built construction
  • Retirement
  • Directional drill
  • Support for both plastic and steel